KMC ingredients

KMC Potato Flakes

Binding water, controlling viscosity

KMC Potato Flakes are extremely effective at binding water when cold, which means you can use them to control the viscosity of any potato mass that your processing set-up uses.

Your choice of properties

KMC provides potato flake ingredients in a range of different particle sizes. This allows you to vary the hydration time and water binding properties to meet your particular needs.

If necessary, KMC can alter or by-pass individual steps in the production process in order to meet your specific need for certain functionalities.

KMC Potato Flakes are non-allergenic and non-GMO, and are also available with or without added colours.

Where best to use them

You can use KMC Potato Flakes in a comprehensive selection of baked and extruded snack products as well as in mashed potatoes, croquettes and other similar potato-based products.

KMC Potato Flakes can also be used as binding and thickening agents in bakery products, dry mixes, baby food and minced meat.

Mix as required

You can mix KMC Potato Flakes with a wide range of other potato-based KMC starch ingredients, or with other specialist ingredients, to achieve a solution tailored for your particular food manufacturing requirements.

KMC also provides KMC Potato Flakes in special additive-free versions as clean label alternatives. These variants have a shorter shelf life.