KMC ingredients

KMC Potato Granules

Binding water, controlling viscosity

KMC Potato Granules are a high-quality natural ingredient that’s ideal for binding water. KMC Potato Granules have to be heated before they will bind water.

KMC Potato Granules are non-allergenic and non-GMO. KMC Potato Granules can be declared as potato granules or dehydrated potatoes.

Where best to use them

You can use KMC Potato Granules in a comprehensive selection of baked and extruded snack products as well as in mashed potatoes, croquettes and other similar potato-based products.

KMC Potato Granules can also be used as binding and thickening agents in dry mixes and bakery products, as well as in soups and sauces, pasta, baby food, sausages and minced meat.

Mix as required

You can mix KMC Potato Granules with a wide range of other potato-based KMC starch ingredients, or with other specialist ingredients, to achieve a solution tailor-made for your particular food manufacturing requirements.