KMC ingredients


Clean-label advantage

In some markets, there is growing demand for natural or clean label ingredients that are still able to maintain the same product quality and appearance. For food manufacturers, this can be a commercial challenge because clean label requirements limit the range of ingredients they can use in their products.

NatureBind is a range of clean label potato-based starch ingredients with capabilities similar to modified starches. This means NatureBind ingredients can help food manufacturers combine the best of two ingredient worlds.

NatureBind is available in both cook-up and cold water-swelling versions.


NatureBind 1251

NatureBind 1251 is a cook-up starch ingredient with good heat and shear stability – important properties in sauce binders, instant sauces and soups, in cup noodles and in vending machine products.

In products such as sauce binders, you can easily mix NatureBind 1251 with other ingredients such as maltodextrin or lactose to prevent lumping when added to the boiling stock or milk.

NatureBind 1252

NatureBind 1252 is a cold water-swelling starch, widely used in food products that include emulsions, baker’s custard, custard sauces, vending machine products, snack pellets and baked products.

NatureBind 1252 is shear-stable and provides a high viscosity in cold water/milk, with the additional advantages of excellent body and mouthfeel.