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Plant-based times call for great proteins

Proteins are indispensable for the human body and protein enrichment of food products is as trendy as ever. More and more food manufacturers look to plant-based proteins when developing their next food success. But all food proteins are not created equal. So, be alert and study carefully the content of the essential amino acids.

Potato protein has all the bare essentials.

Sustainable raw material and process

Potato is a non GMO and non-allergenic, high yield crop with a very low climate impact. KMC only uses potatoes grown in Denmark, and every part of the potato is utilized and gently processed into functional- and nutritional ingredients. Protein, starch and fiber are extracted from the same load of potatoes, which means that handling and transportation is reduced to a minimum. The residual juice is returned to the same fields as the potatoes came from – thus completing the cycle.

Protafy – an excellent source of protein

Protafy is exceptional among the plant-based proteins because of its high nutritional quality. Interesting DIAAS and BCAA values makes it a perfect ingredient for products targeting muscle building and recovery for health-oriented consumers or optimal nutrition for the growing flexitarian/vegan segment or elderly with poor appetite.

As Protafy is insoluble, it is very easy to incorporate it into your existing product formulations without affecting the textural properties. In most cases, you simply add the desired amount to enrich your product and process it as usual.

Where to use it

Protafy is suitable for use in health-oriented food products such as snacks, bars, cookies and baked products in general. Other highly suitable applications are pasta and noodles as well as extruded snacks and pellets. And probably much more …

More info

Get inspiration on how to incorporate Protafy in your food production. Talk to your local partner who you find here or contact KMC HQ directly here