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Superior Potato Starch

Exceptionally pure

Superior Potato Starch is extracted from Danish potatoes via a high-tech process that uses ground water. This results in an untreated starch with exceptionally high purity – physically, chemically and microbiologically.

These ingredients are non-allergenic and non-GMO.

One of the big advantages of Superior Potato Starch, compared to cereal starches such as corn and wheat, is that this starch ingredient provides higher viscosity, a more transparent gel when cooked and a tastier end-product.

Binding water, controlling viscosity

Depending on the concentration of Superior Potato Starch you use, it forms a gel or a paste whencooled.This ingredient is characterised by giving a high-viscosity gel/paste that’s highly transparent. Taste-wise, it is non-intrusive and doesn’t affect your food products at all.

This ingredient is also distinctive for a low gelatinisation temperature and high viscosity. This potato starch starts to bind water at a lower temperature than with other starches, providing significant cost-effectivity benefits.

Where best to use Superior Potato Starch

Superior Potato Starch is a cook-up starch, which means you have to apply heat to use it as a thickening/binding agent.

You can use Superior Potato Starch for an exceptionally wide range of practical purposes in manufacturing food products, including noodles, meat products, dry mixes and many different extruded food products.

It is not suitable for foods with a low pH value, processes involving high temperatures and/or long cooking and heavy mechanical treatment.

More options

Superior Potato Starch has a moisture content of 20% as standard, but special versions are also available with moisture contents between 4% and 20%.

Superior Potato Starch is also available as a cold water-swelling starch for production contexts where this capability is required. Please consult ColdSwell.

KMC also supplies a range of organic potato starches produced from organically grown potatoes free of any pesticide use. KMC organic potato starch can be supplied with appropriate certification.