KMC know-how

Sharing know-how

KMC provides a broad spectrum of ingredients and solutions based on potatoes and potato starch, sharing practical know-how and R&D results with customers in order to help ensure the most effective use of our ingredients in the most cost-effective production of your products.

Results are crucial

We build our business by helping you make a success of yours. KMC ingredients are designed to help you achieve – and maintain – a key commercial advantage in the fiercely competitive world of processed food products. We focus on making sure KMC ingredients achieve the best results in your production set-up. We help you make your products cope effectively with changing commercial requirements and consumer preferences.

KMC know-how is at your disposal to help you prevent and eliminate practical glitches, boost your profit margins and please your customers more.

Know-how at your disposal

The most effective way to achieve this normally lies in a frank and open sharing of practical know-how about how a particular KMC ingredient works in your particular processes – and how things could be made even better.

Our transparent, inclusive approach means we place KMC know-how and accumulated expertise, as well as the benefits of ongoing KMC R&D efforts, at your disposal.

From incremental to exponential

Know-how sharing can be a straightforward one-way street, in which you draw on KMC’s unparalleled technical expertise, which is rooted in 80+ years of helping customers achieve weird and wonderful things with potato starch in its many forms. But the benefits accrue exponentially if such know-how sharing goes both ways. When intelligently and effectively shared, applied know-how is by far the most effective way to drive recipe optimisation, technical innovation and competitive advantage that together build market share.

Everyone benefits

Maximum mutually reinforcing benefits emerge if we all share R&D results, experimental results (from both our labs and yours) and practical operational data. The know-how pool about the capabilities of specialist ingredients based on potato starch grows in size, and everyone benefits.

First-mover advantage – and more

As the first-mover applier of such know-how stemming from your own inputs, you’ll have the commercial edge that makes all the difference.

And then you will also benefit from innovations and trials results from KMC as well as a myriad of other customers in different market niches worldwide. The fruits of at least some of all that know-how are bound to rub off on you, your company and your products – at no expense to you.