Working at KMC

What’s it like to work at KMC?

Working at KMC isn’t just about the job description, the salary and the hours. What does it feel like?

Despite our rapidly growing turnover and global activities, we reckon KMC still feels like a relatively modest-sized, tight-knit company – one where you don’t disappear in the crowd. Each department is lean and mean, so people often say the company as a whole feels like ”one team”. We think two good indicators are that different staff groups mix freely in the canteen, and that departments help each other out whenever possible if there is a rush on.

KMC is also a very “flat”, non-hierarchical company – we value you taking the initiative in carrying out your particular job. In most positions, there is probably only one of “your kind” with your particular qualifications, so there is as much responsibility as you want to take on and as much independence as you need.

You should probably also know that we work with a “culture of consideration” in everything we do. This includes encouraging, supporting and nurturing the wellbeing of all our staff – both here-and-now and in the long term. That means effective welfare packages, ongoing training and staff development, and generally being respectfully mindful about how you’re getting on.

And our remarkable growth rates help build a consistent sense of positivity and opportunity. When you work at KMC, we will do everything we can to help – but a lot is up to you.

You might expect a lot from us when you come to work here – but the expectations will be mutual.