Dairy-free cheese

Cheese is widely used to add a savoury zing to convenience foods and fast food products. But anyone who’s allergic to milk or vegan can’t partake of these joys.

Potato starch-based KMC CheeseMaker CF ingredients enable you to make dairy-free cheese to cater to this big – and growing – consumer segment.

The cheese experience

There’s a vast range of snacks, sandwiches, processed foods and ready meals that taste particularly delicious with cheese. But there’s also a growing consumer segment that cannot or choose not to eat cheese – for a wide variety of reasons.

Such consumers have to look for attractive, acceptable vegan and/or non-dairy options in order to add a cheese-like savoury note to their food.

Hard to replicate

Dairy proteins in cheese form a protein network and emulsify fat, which contribute to building the distinctive texture and mouthfeel that normally characterise most kinds of cheese.

This consumer experience is normally considered difficult to replicate effectively.

The dairy-free alternative

To help manufacturers of dairy-free/vegan cheese, KMC has developed a special range of CheeseMaker ingredients – the CF series.

These innovative potato-based starch solutions are able to match the functional properties of dairy proteins in full. This results in imitation cheese with a convincing, attractive cheese-like appearance and texture.

The CheeseMaker CF series includes ingredients specially configured for making the kinds of semi-hard block cheese normally used for products such as pizza cheese or sliced cheese.

Healthy option

Dairy-free and vegan cheese products made using KMC CheeseMaker CF ingredients also enable your company to highlight potential health benefits.

The non-allergenic and GMO-free status of KMC potato starch makes such products of particular interest for consumers with special focus on health issues.

Easy to formulate

CheeseMaker CF ingredient recipes have a neutral taste and are white in colour, making it easy to add additional flavours as well as any desired cheese colour.