Imitation block cheese

Ingredients cost and manufacturing flexibility are usually important parameters when making imitation block cheese.

Potato starch-based KMC CheeseMaker ingredients are an easy-to-use way to roll back milk protein costs as well as matching your customers’ requirements for specific product characteristics.

Dairy products are expensive

Cheese and milk proteins are expensive ingredients.

Unfortunately, market prices for dairy products are rarely a good match with consumers’ widespread preferences for low-cost food products. Or with manufacturers’ interest in cost-saving production solutions to meet such consumer needs.

Different properties for different customers

If you manufacture imitation cheese blocks for use in food products, your customers are probably on the lookout for lots of different properties.

Different cheeses or processed cheese products – such as individually wrapped slices, slice-on-slice or imitation pizza cheese – each have their own specific characteristics with regard to meltability, texture, shreddability and sliceability.

Your choice of properties

Potato starch-based KMC CheeseMaker ingredients are an ideal way to reduce costs and the wide product range makes it possible to obtain the specific characteristics that you’re looking for.

These ingredients have a neutral taste, flavour and colour, which means you can easily combine them with your preferred natural cheese ingredients, or choose the product characteristics best suited to your customers’ particular requirements.

Implementing CheeseMaker-based solutions is straightforward, with no need to alter your established manufacturing routines. They feature a low viscosity during processing, making them easy to pump and fill into any appropriate containers. During cooling and storage at refrigerated temperatures, your imitation block cheese will develop a firm structure and natural appearance.