Imitation hard cheese

The cost of ingredients and manufacturing flexibility are normally crucial considerations for manufacturers of imitation hard cheese products.

Potato starch-based KMC CheeseMaker ingredients help you tackle these issues as well as providing cost-effective ways to please your customers by customising the texture and the flavour of your product.

Traditionally labour-intensive

Producing traditional hard cheeses, such as parmesan and pecorino, is labour-intensive and expensive, as well as involving long maturation times.

These types of cheese products feature a relatively dry, brittle structure that stems from the high dry matter content. This can be a challenge to replicate convincingly with anything other than relatively traditional recipes and manufacturing processes.

Availability of dairy proteins

The milk proteins you normally need for making traditional hard cheeses can be unpredictable as well as expensive to source on world markets.

That kind of hard cheese production can also be dependent on the availability of fresh milk – with all the geographical, logistical and storage problems this entails.

Easy starch alternative

KMC CheeseMaker ingredients, made from high-quality potato starch, can pave the way to a more cost-effective production of imitation hard cheeseby replacing some of the expensive milk proteins.

You can easily make a commercially attractive imitation hard cheese based on CheeseMaker ingredients combined with natural cheese or milk proteins, as you prefer. This will bring your company significant additional savings on production times as well as labour costs.

Production flexibility

Opting for using a CheeseMaker ingredient means your production won’t be held back by any lack of available fresh milk. CheeseMaker ingredients have a long shelf life and can be stored at ambient temperatures with no problems.

So whenever you want to boost your output to take advantage of market conditions or upturns in demand, you can easily ramp up your production of imitation hard cheese, and be ready to ship within days.

Working with recombined imitation hard cheese also gives you unique opportunities to please your customers by customising the texture and the flavour of your product.