Imitation white cheese

There’s substantial, consistent worldwide demand for classic feta-style white cheese for use in a vast range of different food product categories as well as specific types of dishes.

Potato starch-based KMC CheeseMaker ingredients enable you to address this market with cost-effective imitation white cheeses that're less dependent on precarious supplies of fresh milk at unstable prices.

Supply variations

Conventional production of classic feta-style white cheese requires consistent supplies of fresh milk – a raw material characterised by natural fluctuations and seasonal variations.

For some manufacturers of feta-style white cheese, this can result in supply and logistics issues. And risk is never good for business.

Cost issues

Unstable, unpredictable market prices for dairy products don’t make it easy for white cheese manufacturers to maintain profit margins and market share.

Less cost, more stability

Potato starch-based KMC CheeseMaker ingredients are an extremely effective way for companies to deal with supply and cost issues of such kinds.

You can replace relatively expensive milk proteins with a purpose-configured CheeseMaker ingredient in order to help roll back product costs – often significantly – and ensure a reliable supply of ingredients of consistent, documented quality and provenance.

KMC CheeseMaker ingredients are easy to store, have a long shelf life and don’t involve any logistics problems.

Soft, creamy and easy to use

KMC CheeseMaker ingredients are based on natural, high-quality potato starch that ensures you the soft, creamy texture that consumers are looking for, along with a slight degree of syneresis that makes it easy to loosen these kinds of imitation cheese from their containers or packaging