Spreadable cheese products

Cheese spreads are in worldwide demand for snacking, dipping or simply spreading on bread.

Innovative, easy-to-use KMC ingredients help you save money in formulating as well as manufacturing these popular spreadable cheese products.

Price is crucial

Processed cheese spreads are in worldwide demand for snacking, dipping or simply spreading on bread. But although the flavour and creamy texture are widely popular, consumer price points are crucial for commercial success.

This almost always results in ongoing challenges for manufacturing set-ups.

Appearance and texture

The way cheese spreads are used also brings their appearance and texture into clear focus for the consumer. They have to look consistently good every time they’re applied, even from containers that may have been open for a long time and stored in less-than-ideal conditions.

These requirements are often not easy to meet.

Spreadable cheese and processed cream cheese

Processed cheese and processed cream cheese are two very different kinds of product, of course.

Spreadable cheese products use natural cheese and/or milk proteins as the basic ingredient, whereas spreadable cream cheese products are based on cream cheese.

Replace natural cheese and milk proteins

KMC provides a range of specialist CheeseMaker ingredients that enable you to replace milk proteins in processed cheese products, and to manufacture attractive processed cream cheese products from potato-based starch, vegetable fat and a reduced amount of milk protein.

CheeseMaker ingredients can replace a large amount of natural cheese in your product recipes, and give “body” to the cheese spread, while retaining all the desirable spreadability and smoothness characteristics.

Stable under all conditions

CheeseMaker ingredients also help you prevent your products undergoing textural changes caused by fluctuating temperatures.

This is an important product benefit in warmer climates, where spreads can be subject to considerable temperature changes every time the refrigerator door is opened or the product is used. Spreads are often also transported and stored at ambient temperatures, and it’s important that they remain unaffected. KMC CheeseMaker ingredients help you make sure of that.