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Processed meat

Processed meat is a broad term for many different meat products, for example paté, sausages and cold cuts. Potato based ingredients can contribute positively in many ways, whether there is a need for emulsification, water binding, adding texture or binding pieces of meat together.

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Ingredients for processed meat


1000 series and 5000 series




Brine is widely used to add taste and moisture to products like ham, chicken breast or other lean meat products. Modified starch is used to prevent water from leaking from the meat when heated.



Ingredients for Brine


Surimi products

Potato starches have a high gel strength compared to starches from other raw material sources. Furthermore the low gelatinization temperature fits well with the properties of fish protein, making it very suitable for use in surimi products.

Ingredients for surimi products


Amylacetate M170

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