Plant-based alternatives

Plant-based cheese

Among the many cheese trends in the market, plant-based cheese is exploding with new base ingredients and applications. We offer plant-based cheese solutions to match your needs and challenges.

Ingredients for plant-based cheese

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CheeseMaker BL, CF and SP Series

Plant-based confectionery

Plant-based confectionery is becoming mainstream. With the Gelamyl range you can avoid gelatin completely.


Ingredients for plant-based confectionery


All Gelamyl series

Plant-based deli

Be able to offer plant-based alternatives to cold cuts and other meat products with the PlantDeli range.

Ingredients for plant-deli

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PlantDeli H100

Plant-based mayonnaise and dressing

No egg or milk protein needed. Make a plant-based emulsion with EmulsiForm.

Ingredients for plant-based mayonnaise and dressings



EmulsiForm CM 1120

Non-dairy creamer

Avoid the use of milk protein in coffee whitener or coconut creamer.


Ingredients for non-diary creamer 


EmulsiForm CM 1120

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