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Increase the yield in traditionally produced mozzarella up to 30%

Brande 16th of December 2022

Written by KMC

As we announced in Food Ingredients First magazine in November 2021, KMC utilizes different types of modification of the potato starches to give the right performance in the final product. Addition of potato starch, modified potato starch or blend of such may increase the yield up to 10% to 30% (or even more in specific setups) in traditionally produced mozzarella, using in dry stretching processing equipment, is possible with both clean label and modified starches from KMC.

From 2% to 15% starch is added together with water (or whey) and other possible dry ingredients to the standardized cheese curd, which is stretched during heating at temperatures around 50°C to 70°C, and subsequently cooled.

The specific performance and final properties of the mozzarella can be customized according to specific needs.


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