Innovation Center

KMC building  new innovation center to benefit customers worldwide

KMC has just received planning permission to build a new 5,000-square-meter innovation center in Brande. The new center will help customers from all over the world to develop plant-based foods and equip KMC to become a global heavyweight.

Written by Nicoline Olsen

A new innovation center will position KMC as the world’s leading potato starch producer. A 5,000-square-meter, three-story building will be built, providing twice as much space for innovation as the company’s existing facilities. The building will house new office and laboratory facilities as well as a development department. The goal is to put the company based in Brande, Denmark, into the premier league of starch producers.


– The innovation center is a step towards becoming the world’s most innovative supplier of potato-based ingredients. We already have the most modern production plant, and soon we will also have the most modern development facilities, says Jesper Burgaard, CEO at KMC.


Customer-focused innovation
The new innovation center has been on KMC’s wish list for several years. In addition to creating room for advanced innovation processes, it will create completely new possibilities for KMC’s customers, who can be found in 90 countries worldwide.

– This is where customers are freed from their daily constraints and are able to experiment with ingredients and processes. It is here that we can run small productions in a high-tech environment, where they can knock their heads together with our experts to innovate on and improve their own products, says Jesper Burgaard.

Ready for more employees
The building will also benefit KMC’s employees. The additional floor space means the development department can be based on a single floor, thereby creating new possibilities for knowledge sharing.

– We have a really strong organization, and our internal knowledge-sharing makes us unique in the industry. We want to strengthen this aspect even more, says Jesper Burgaard.

At the same time, KMC has incorporated an extra floor into the project, allowing it to take on even more knowledge workers. The market for potato starch is growing, and there is considerable demand for specialist knowledge about the potato and its properties. In 2022, KMC posted record sales with a net revenue of DKK 2.3 billion, and the outlook for next year is even higher.

The plant-based agenda is quickly gaining ground, and we are very confident in the future. We have a business model that is based on the potato, and which can deliver tomorrow’s solutions for our customers and the climate, says Jesper Burgaard.




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