KMC Annual General Assembly

KMC increases the plant-based business

Annual General Assembly, 17 November 2023

Written by KMC

After several years of increasing prices of raw material, logistics and energy costs caused first by Covid pandemic and then major geopolitical changes, the market for potato starch is now more stable.

KMC presented its accounts for 2022/23 today. The accounts are marked by a large increase in turnover and an improved result.

"- The progress in revenue and profit was both expected and necessary. We have had some challenging years, and our shareholders have at times been severely tested due to market uncertainty, drought and large amounts of rain, as well as high costs for e.g. energy and fertilizer", says board chairman Kristian Møller Sørensen.


The progress is created by an equal distribution of volume, processing, and inflation.

The year's net revenue landed at DKK 3.374 billion., which is DKK 1,047 million higher (+45%) than the year before. The ordinary profit after tax amounts to DKK 351 million., which is DKK 214 million higher than last year's result of DKK 138 million.

Based on the result, DKK 248 million will be paid in arrears to the cooperative owners.

Innovation center takes shape
As announced last year, it was decided in KMC to establish a new innovation center immediately adjacent to the head office in Brande. That work is well under way, and the center will open its doors already in the spring of 2024. The innovation center, together with the associated pilot hall, will form the framework for even more ambitious and targeted development of the plant-based foods of the future. The scale and location of the center will also ensure a strong synergy between the departments, which will drive KMC's business opportunities to new heights.

"With the innovation centre, we are creating the framework for even more good customer experiences that will contribute to securing our global leading position within potato-based ingredients for e.g. cheese and wine gum", says managing director Jesper Burgaard.

Expectations for the coming year
We expect a market situation where demand for the company's products will continue to be high, but at the same time hard work is required to maintain the current market position. .

For further information, KMC's managing director Jesper Burgaard can be contacted on phone.:
+45 20338811 or chairman of KMC's board Kristian Møller Sørensen on phone.: +45 40193000.


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