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Sustainability Report 2021/2022

This year's sustainability report is one way to commit ourselves to achieving the goals we set – and a tool to measure our performance. We are well on our way, but we can go even further.

Written by KMC

KMC’s potato-based business model builds on the circular economy. This means that we use the entire potato for ever more innovative and valuable products, while at the same time reducing carbon
emissions all the way – from the potato sprouting in the field to the end-product.

Continued focus on processing
Our circular mindset means that we are always thinking in terms of further refining our resources. We are inspired by the Forest Tower, where each loop takes you to new heights and offers new
perspectives. Therefore, it is still natural for us to innovate our side streams, for example potato protein, which can now be used in a wide range of foods and provide structure in plant-based meat. 

Resistant varieties
The potato has one of the lowest climate footprints of Danish crops. It delivers many calories per hectare and has a nutritious and healthy profile. However, the vulnerable tuber also needs protecting, and in 2022 the growing season has been difficult due to mold, which can potentially destroy a field in just a few days.

This means that we must keep abreast of developments and the cultivation of new and more resistant varieties. The special gene technology CRISPR can play a decisive role, as it has the potential to halve the consumption of plant protection products. At the same time, it can reduce the time needed to develop new and fungal-resistant varieties by several years. KMC is ready as soon as the EU gives the green light. 

Concerted sustainable efforts
Since 1933, we have succeeded in continuously moving forward together with our customers and in strengthening our position in a constantly changing market. But we have not done it on our own.

KMC’s owner factories – AKD and AKK – play a crucial role in KMC’s sustainable development. For AKK and AKD, sustainability is by no means a new idea. On the contrary, there is a strong correlation between the desire to produce sustainably and the factories’ long-term financial interests. 

Even though our circular business principles have been part and parcel of everything we do for almost 90 years, we continue to strengthen our green ambitions. In this connection, we have
appointed Heidi Bretthauer as KMC’s first Quality and Sustainability Director, who will be tasked with setting a sustainable course and, together with the rest of KMC, documenting the impact of our
initiatives. We are finding that when both we and our customers can see business opportunities in sustainability, it becomes a lever for growth.

Our vision is for sustainability to become integrated into everything we do. We are well on our way, but we can go even further. Therefore, this year's sustainability report also represents a commitment to the goals we have set – and to publishing the progress we have made.

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