Gums and jellies

Gums and jellies traditionally rely on gelatine as the gelling agent. But deliveries can be unreliable and prices often fluctuate – usually upwards.

Gelamyl potato starches from KMC are the ideal alternative – with no worries about supply bottlenecks or price bumps.

Pressure from price fluctuations

Gums and jellies are manufactured in a multitude of forms, all over the world. Most are basically a soft-boiled product made from water, sugar and a gelling agent. That gelling agent is usually – and traditionally – gelatine.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to source reliable supplies of gelatine and prices tend to fluctuate unexpectedly – usually upwards. This increases your manufacturing costs for any products consisting of gums and jellies.

From challenge to opportunity

Highly refined Gelamyl potato starches from KMC are the ideal alternative – with none of the worries about supply bottlenecks or unexpected price bumps.

The Gelamyl range gives you easy access to a wide variety of different textures for a broad spectrum of confectionery products.

And reformulating your recipe to include Gelamyl as a gelling agent can bring you cost savings of as much as 50%.

Texture of your choice

KMC Gelamyl solutions also give you lots of new opportunities for customising and improving the texture of your gum and jelly-type confectionery products.

Our Gelamyl ingredients portfolio gives you virtually free rein, from soft to hard and from brittle to elastic.