Dressings, Soups & Sauces

Mayonnaise and Dressings

The plant-based trend is growing, resulting in a demand for plant-based alternatives to almost any type of food. With KMC modified potato starches you can produce mayonnaise and dressing that is free of ingredients of animal origin, low fat and cost efficient.

Ingredients for mayonnaise and dressings

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EmulsiForm CM 1120


3000 series


Soups and sauces

Egg or milk proteins are traditionally used as emulsifiers in soups and sauces. Due to the growing plant-based trend, there is an increasing demand for products without these ingredients. KMC proposes an easy-to-use and cost-effective potato-based emulsifying starch solution.

Depending on your type of product and process, stabilization may be needed. See our range of modified starches, suitable for cold to hot processes.


Ingredients for emulsified soups and sauces


EmulsiForm CM 1120



Dry Mixes

When producing dry mixes it is essential to add a starch that dissolves easily in water and gives the desired consistency in the final product at low temperatures. At the same time lumping or caking of the dry mix should be avoided by choosing a starch that is agglomerated or with low moisture content.

Ingredients for ready-made soup and sauces





Table and Cooking Sauces

Sauces like ketchup, chili sauce, or different types of Asian sauces are widely used around the world. Often they are low in pH and are heat-treated during the process.

Whether the desired texture is long or short, smooth or pulpy, KMC has a starch that fulfills your need.

Ingredients for dry mixes 


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