Nutrition & Protein fortification

Clinical nutrition

Dietary powders and gels may fulfil very different needs. Still, whether intended for sportsmen in motion or acting as texture-modifiers in food and beverages for patients with swallowing difficulties, a safe intake must be assured.

Instant thickening
Dietary powders and thickeners can be added to various types of liquids at different temperatures. When poured into the beverage, the powder must disperse quickly and dissolve without forming any lumps. DietCare EzyDrink 10 is developed specifically for instant thickening within this segment. DietCare EzyDrink 10 is pre-cooked and agglomerated to allow fast dispersion and avoid lump formation. It is suitable for use in both hot and cold beverages and at variating pH.

Organoleptic properties
DietCare EzyDrink 10 is based on high quality potato starch and therefore has a clean and neutral taste. It develops a short and smooth texture and a superior transparency.

Ingredients for clinical nutrition



EzyDrink 10

Sports nutrition

Powerful potato protein
Protein is not just protein and plant-based proteins have very varying compositions. Very few have a full nutritional profile that allow them to stand alone. Potato protein is top of class with a very high nutritional profile. Among the plant-based proteins, potato protein takes the lead with a very high level of the nine essential amino acids and is naturally rich. Its composition is in line with that of whey protein, making it an ideal plant-based ingredient for sports nutrition.

Plant-based protein on the rise
With a 26% CAGR*, plant-based claims are getting more focus and attention in the sports nutrition market, especially in protein powders and bars. And choosing potato protein for NPDs within sports nutrition makes it easier to accomodate the growing number of both flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans among sports practitioners, without compromising on nutritional quality.

*Product launches in supplements and sports nutrition in 2016-2020, Source: Innova Market Insights

Muesli bars

Ingredients for sports nutrition


Protafy 130

Fiber fortification

If you are looking for ways to reduce the calorie content as well as increase the dietary fiber content in your product, Resistant Starch is a solution. The modified starch is non-functional and easy to implement in for example baked products.

Ingredients for fiber fortification


KMC Resistant Starch 


Protein fortification

The clean label evolution
Consumers' understanding of and demand for clean label products has evolved to a broader focus on welfare, transparency throughout the supply chain, sustainably sourced ingredients and plant-powered nutrition. As the plant-based claim has gotten a more mainstream appeal, it has moved from the original categories such as meat analogues to more product categories, including bakery and snacks. And to accommodate the consumers’ growing need for nutrition throughout more meals and snacks during the day, there is a growing number of products fortified with protein.

Plant-powered protein fortification
When choosing the right protein source for the fortification of products, it has to be both easy to manage in the production process as well as optimal for the final product. Protafy is a unique food-grade potato protein with exceptionally high nutritional value. Protafy is insoluble which makes it very easy to incorporate in existing product formulations without affecting the textural properties. At the same time it has a mild potato taste, high heat stability and high digestibility. These properties makes Protafy an ideal source of protein for fortification of e.g. bakery, snacks, and muesli bars.

Ingredients for protein fortification


Protafy 130

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