Four ways to apply ColdSwell in your food production

Bakery products, fruit fillings, baby foods, soups, mayonnaise, dry mixes, you name it. There are virtually no limits to what you can do with KMC’s ColdSwell starches – or what it can be made to do.

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KMC has specialized in manufacturing pre-gelatinized cold-water swelling starches for almost twenty years. The ColdSwell series is produced using a unique spray cooking technique that keeps the potato starch granules intact. Doing so results in a very high water-binding performance. In most cases, this also means that the recommended dosage of ColdSwell starches is lower compared to other pre-gelatinized drum-dried starches.

Today, food starches are important ingredients in a wide selection of food products, where they secure smooth production and consistent output. At KMC, we offer a range of pre-gelatinized starches under the ColdSwell brand, which offers solutions for almost any food application, says Ole Primholdt Christensen, Business Development Director at KMC.

So, in what specific uses can you actually apply ColdSwell? In this blog post, we will guide you through four different types of foods you can manufacture using KMC’s ColdSwell starches.

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Gluten-free bakery

With KMC's ColdSwell starches, you are sure to get dough viscosity, elasticity, and flexibility specifications right, every time.


Bakery products made with ColdSwell maintain a viscous and elastic texture like the one you know from a regular loaf. This is because of the starch’s ability to swell and bind water with exceptional efficiency, thereby helping tackle one of the major challenges in gluten-free baked products, says Ole Primholdt Christensen.


The starches can be used to manufacture various sorts of bakery products and the formula is fairly simple: Mix all the ingredients with the pregelatinized potato starch and add water.


Fruit fillings and custards
Fruit fillings and custards traditionally contain starch. ColdSwell enables you to produce instant products with the desired texture.

– Working with baked fillings is not always easy. But with ColdSwell, you can easily control the viscosity in your fillings and custards, regardless of your manufacturing process, says Ole Primholdt Christensen.

KMC’s ColdSwell starches are ideal as a bake-stable filling alternative and they dissolve easily in cold water. They are also non-allergenic and gluten-free.

Clinical nutrition

Dietary powders and gels can meet very different needs. Still, whether intended for sportsmen or acting as texture-modifiers in food and beverages for patients with swallowing difficulties, a safe intake must be assured which KMC has taken into account.

– Our ColdSwell starches are developed specifically for instant thickening and can be added to various types of liquids at different temperatures. What’s more, it disperses quickly and dissolves without forming any lumps, says Ole Primholdt Christensen.

Mayonnaise and dressings:

ColdSwell has been used for decades in mayonnaise and dressings as a thickener and texturizer in fat-reduced products to maintain the mouthfeel. In combination with EmulsiForm, it is possible to obtain a plant-based product at all fat levels.

– Due to the growing plant-based trend, there is an increasing need for plant-based alternatives to almost any type of food. At KMC, we propose easy-to-use and cost-effective potato-based starch solutions, says Ole Primholdt Christensen.

Whether your application is mayonnaise, dressings, clinical nutrition, fruit fillings, custards, or even dried soup, ColdSwell starches provide easy hydration without any dust development. On top of all this, ColdSwell is based on non-GMO Danish potatoes, giving your products a natural taste and clean flavor release.

The team at KMC is constantly exploring new avenues to improve solutions and scale capacity to provide the world with the ingredients of tomorrow.


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