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Improved elasticity, low gelatinzation, high clarity and neutral taste.

Decreasing hydration time – increasing elasticity

Instant noodles

Instant noodles were developed to shorten the cooking time of dried noodles. Adding KMC potato starches will decrease the hydration time even more and give an elastic noodle when hydrated.

Cost-effective solutions

Glass noodles

Glass noodles is made of pure starch and have no gluten network as instant noodles. Traditional glass noodles were made of Mung bean, but it can be substituted with KMC Superior potato starch.

Reduce the stickiness

Rice noodles

Rice noodles is made of rice flour and water. KMC superior potato starch can substitute some of the rice flour.
Adding 5 % ColdSwell 2411 will reduce the stickiness of rice noodles.


Protein enrichment for noodles with Protafy 130

Health related product changes go beyond product basic reformulation. More consumers seek healthier noodles. Protafy130 and 330 can deliver higher protein levels with good quality and less purine into various kind of noodles, such as rice noodles, soba, instant noodles, glass noodles, etc.

Protafy is a potato protein which has an excellent amino acid profile. It is the only plant-based protein that have more than 100 % of all essential amino acid.

Protafy is non-functional which means it has nearly no effect on the noodle dough because there is no water binding.

Protafy130 can be added up to 20 % depending on protein content and noodle formulation, as higher the content of protafy130 the darker the color of the noodle. Moreover, adding protafy130 around 2% can shorten the cooking time of the noodle.

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