Mayonnaise and dressings

Mayonnaise and dressing

Mayonnaise and dressing products are widely used to give an extra twist to salads and sandwiches. Consumers demand quality products that stay delicious until used up but they also focus on price.

You can replace the eggs and oil with KMC EmulsiForm ingredients, resulting in products characterised by a healthier, lower fat/cholesterol content, considerable cost savings, and much easier handing in the supply chain.

A question of balance

Consumers enjoy the sensation of smooth, rich and creamy mayonnaise and dressing products. Some purchasing decisions are based on price, whereas others prioritise health considerations. Manufacturers have to balance such expectations against the cost of production.

Manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for more cost-effective food products, with characteristics that help them tackle their particular needs.

Alternatives to egg

Eggs have a specific function in mayonnaise and dressing products, because they emulsify oil and water. Any potential replacement ingredient must possess emulsifying properties that are equally good – or better.

KMC’s specialty solutions can help you achieve this, and balance the many commercial pressures. The KMC EmulsiForm range of starch ingredients provides an ideal combination of excellent emulsifying properties and shelf life stability at significantly lower dosages than the traditional solution of using eggs.

Reducing costs

In mayonnaise and dressing products, replacing unstable eggs and oil that can easily go off can result in considerable cost savings, often amounting to as much as 10–50%.

The KMC ColdSwell range of water-binding potato starch-based ingredients are used in significantly smaller doses than other starches often used to bind water, thus helping you reduce your ingredient costs while retaining a rich, full texture.

Healthier, low-fat options

Easing out the eggs also enables you to manufacture purely vegetable-based mayonnaise or dressing, with no allergen issues.

With mayonnaise and dressing, as with pretty much all food products, consumers are increasingly interested in low-fat products. This can actually be achieved by replacing oil with water and starches.

Practical benefits

EmulsiForm is an easy-to-use natural ingredient that can be stored at ambient temperatures, and has a long shelf life.