Soups & sauces

Ready-made soups & sauces

A hot bowl of soup on a cold day or a delicious creamy sauce to accompany the dinner? In both instances, the eating experience depends heavily on taste and texture of the product. Consumers expect their soup or sauce to have a rich texture and mouth feel, whilst they may also be concerned about the fat content.
Potato-based ingredients can help manufacturers obtain just the right texture that consumers are craving.

Challenging manufacturing conditions

Soups and sauces can be manufactured in various ways and marketed as a chilled, frozen or retorted ready-to-eat product. The various process types and different storage conditions require different properties from the ingredients applied. KMC offers a broad range of potato-based ingredients and we are happy to guide you to the right choice for your soup or sauce.

Hot processing

Hot processed soups and sauces are exposed to two steps of heating – during processing and again at the time of consumption. These conditions place high demands on the heat stability. At the same time, the starch must not compromise the texture and the mouthfeel of the soup or sauce.

Whether the soup or sauce is prepared in a hot process or filled in cans and retorted, the challenge of processing stability is solved by applying a heat resistant starch. KMC Adamyl is a range of modified potato starches with excellent stability against heat, pH and shear. In addition, it is freeze and thaw stable.

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Cold processing

Cold processing of soups and sauces is a cost effective and gentle alternative to hot processing. Freeze your soup or sauce directly after processing and it is ready for marketing.
Save energy and conserve the nutritional value of your product. Our high performance specialty starches allow for further cost reductions as they are dosed lower than traditional starches.
A cold water swelling starch provides the right viscosity during the process as well as in the finished product. In KMC’s ColdSwell range, we have starches that are freeze, thaw, pH and heat stable and can ensure the viscosity of the soup or sauce keeps through the full preparation process to the final serving.

Clean label possibilities

NatureBind from KMC is a range of E number free starches with properties close to modified starches. NatureBind 1251 contributes with higher heat stability than offered by Superior Potato Starch and gives a nice short structure. Alternatively, apply NatureBind 1252 for your cold processed soup or sauce.