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Fillings and custards

Baked fillings have to be stable during cold preparation and throughout the baking process, and also when – or if – you freeze or thaw them. Cold water-swelling starches from KMC are heat stable and give you the same viscosity before and after baking. 

Wide variety of conditions
Working with baked fillings is not always easy, regardless of what your manufacturing process involves. This means that you have to make them perform predictably and consistently.

Controlled viscosity
Heat-stable potato-based starches from KMC
handle this easily, which gives you the same viscosity before and after heating. 

Cold processing
KMC cold water-swelling starches make it easy to process bakery fillings under any cold conditions, with performance benchmarks that outstrip the majority of other ingredients or processes.

Ingredients for bakery fillings

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1000 series, 3000 series and 5000 series


X-Amylacetate 75A

Superior Potato Starch

Baking Glazes

The traditional way of making baking glazes usually involves eggs, dairy products or sugar-based solutions. The potato starch-based recipe from KMC gives you the same shine and adhesion advantages, as the traditional way of making baking glazes, with none of the allergy or cost issues. 

Appearance matters
Consumers usually choose baked products based on appearance. Traditional baking glazes involving eggs, different dairy products or sugar-based solutions tend to add to production costs, at the time as increasing risks associated with allergies and cultural restrictions. Balancing appearance, cost and functionality is never easy.

Controlled characteristics
A potato-based starch from KMC, dissolved in hot or cold water, is ideal as a cost-effective, highly versatile baking glaze alternative. And they have the big advantage of also being non-allergenic and gluten-free, as well as kosher and halal certified.

Adhesive advantage
KMC GlazeMaker also ensures excellent adhesion of bakery toppings, as for example salt on pretzels, sesame seeds on buns, etc. 


Ingredients for baking glazes


GlazeMaker 25

Dough Improvement

For maximum manufacturing efficiency, bread and cake doughs need to be consistent and controlled. KMC ingredients based on potato starch give you controlled consistency.

The challenge of inconsistency
Flour is a key ingredient in all types of dough. Unfortunately, flour quality varies a lot. 

Consistency is crucial
In industrial bread and cake manufacturing, the dough has to pass through different steps. If you want efficient handling and to prevent blockages and production glitches, the dough must have the right viscosity – every time.

Controlled consistency
KMC ingredients can help your company get dough viscosity, elasticity, and flexibility specs exactly right, every time.  KMC dough improvement ingredients also have the advantages that they are GMO-free and are available in a clean label variant with no E-numbers.

Ingredients for dough improvement



1000 series, 2000 series, 3000 series and 5000 series



Potato Flakes


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