Potato-based products

Coating and batters

The coating is important in controlling moisture
Clear coating is applied on potato products such as French fries to control the moisture migration and maintaining the crispness of the fried potato cuts.

Advantages of using coating
We offer a wide variety of modified potato starch for clear coat blends to protect the flavor, texture, and appearance and ensure the right level of crispiness on your potato-based products.

Ingredients for coating and batters



Superior potato starch



Croquettes in its various form is a traditional snack around the world. It is made on a base of potatoes with locally varied ingredients and different shapes. KMC Potato Flakes and Granules ensure effective water binding, control of viscosity and consistent quality of croquettes and other potato based products, such as mashed potatoes.


Ingredients for croquettes

Potato flakes

Potato granules

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