Four ways ColdSwell technology can set you apart in the food industry

Ingredients in modern food processing must be technologically advanced to meet market demands – and pre-gelatinized cold-water starch is no exception. At KMC, we have spent 20 years perfecting our ColdSwell production. In this article, you can learn how to reap the benefits.

Written by KMC

Since 2003, KMC has specialized in manufacturing spray-cooked pre-gelatinized cold-water swelling starches. In other words: Highly advanced starches that are essential for a large range of cold processed foods such as mayonnaise, dressings, bakery fillings, instant sauces, and soups.

Spray-cooked starch uses a liquid starch solution and atomizes it into small droplets using a spray dryer. The droplets are then dried using hot air to remove the water, leaving behind the starch in a powdered form.

This means that the starch granules are both cooked and dried in one and the same process to produce the starch, but without any damage. This technology differs from the traditional production of pre-gelatinized starches, says Ole Bandsholm, Associate Director, R&D at KMC:

– Traditionally, cold-water starch was pre-gelatinized on a drum-drier until the water evaporated. However, drum-dried potato starch granules are fragmented. With our technology, the starch granules are treated very gently during the cooking and drying process. As a result, the starch granules are kept intact, creating several advantages.

In the following, you can read how KMC’s ColdSwell can be a powerful force in your production.

High-quality dispersion
When pre-gelatinized potato starch is added to water, the starch binds with the water so quickly that there is a risk of lumping that can only be avoided by adding other ingredients.

But after years of development, we have an effective solution. KMC’s ColdSwell starches are produced under special conditions that give an agglomerated version with larger granules. This improves dispersibility in water and prevents lumping.

– We’ve found a unique technique so that the starch granules agglomerate and easily disperse in water. This means the powder is perfectly ready to be mixed with water, providing an important base for cold applications, says Ole Bandsholm.

Cost-optimized dosage
ColdSwell starches are extremely effective and can potentially cost-optimize your production. As a rule of thumb, ColdSwell should be dosed 10-15 percent lower than standard pre-gelatinized starches, so you can create more from less.

– At a time when we all need to stretch our resources, ColdSwell can save time and money for any player in the market, says Ole Bandsholm.


KMC recommends a 10-15 percent dosage reduction for specific application areas. Targeting the perfect dose of starch is very important, as ColdSwell applied in high dosages may result in over-stabilization and very high viscosity.

Use in all temperatures
In 2003, when KMC began producing ColdSwell, it was called “the all-temperature starch”. This is because the intact granules in a ColdSwell starch give the same water-binding capacity in cold processes as a cook-up starch in hot processes.

– We can take any cook-up starch characteristic and make it work in cold water. This gives full utilization of the starch, without affecting the stability of the end product, says Ole Bandsholm.


The intact starch granules provide an end product with a smooth surface and an optimum mouth feel. For example, in dressings, soups and sauces.


Design your own viscosity
KMC’s series of ColdSwell starches can be applied wherever viscosity is required in the cold stage. For instance, in gluten-free dough or sheeted snacks where a certain viscosity is needed.

– By choosing the appropriate ColdSwell starch, it is possible either to lose viscosity during heating or to retain viscosity. KMC’s team of specialists designs ColdSwell versions that fit the manufacturer’s exact needs, says Ole Bandsholm.

KMC is the only manufacturer of spray-cooked pre-gelatinized cold-water swelling starches made from potatoes. The Danish potatoes used to produce ColdSwell are non-GMO and non-allergenic. This provides a neutral taste, and a clean flavor release.


The team of R&D specialists at KMC is constantly exploring new avenues to improve our solutions and scale capacity to provide the world with the ingredients of tomorrow.


Read more about ColdSwell here.



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