Bakery fillings

Baked fillings have to be stable during cold preparation and throughout the baking process, and also when – or if – you freeze or thaw them.

Cold water-swelling starches from KMC are heat stable and give you the same viscosity before and after baking. No problem.

Big variety of conditions

Loads of bakery fillings are used to introduce different flavours or textures into baked food products. But you have to make them perform predictably and consistently, regardless of what your manufacturing processes involve.

This isn’t always easy. Your fillings have to keep stable, regardless of temperature or conditions, or the effects of moving them around in your factory. That’s a big ask.

Controlled viscosity

Heat-stable, potato-based starches from KMC tackle this easily, giving you the same viscosity before and after heating.

And compared with traditional drum-dried, pre-gelatinised starches, you get loads of other benefits – including lower production costs – for your bakery products, too.

Cold processing

KMC cold water-swelling starches also make it easy to process bakery fillings under virtually any cold conditions, with performance benchmarks that outstrip the majority of other ingredients or processes.