Baking glazes

The traditional way of making baking glazes usually involves eggs, dairy products or sugar-based solutions.

A potato starch-based recipe from KMC gives you the same shine and adhesion advantages – with none of the allergy or cost issues. 

Appearance counts

Consumers usually choose baked products on appearance. But your customers probably choose to take in your company’s products on price, too.

Traditional baking glazes involving eggs, different dairy products or sugar-based solutions tend to add to production costs, at the time as increasing risks associated with allergies and cultural restrictions. Balancing appearance, cost and functionality is never easy.

Controlled characteristics

A potato-based starch from KMC, dissolved in hot or cold water, is ideal as a cost-effective, highly versatile baking glaze alternative.

And they have the big advantage of also being non-allergenic and gluten-free, as well as kosher and halal certified.

Adhesive advantage

KMC baking glazes ingredients – such as the GlazeMaker range – are also the ideal way to make sure a wide range of attractive features adhere securely to your products – salt on pretzels, sesame seeds on buns, etc.