Dough improvements

For maximum manufacturing efficiency, bread and cake doughs need to be consistent and controlled.

KMC ingredients based on potato starch give you controlled consistency.

The challenge of inconsistency

Flour is a key ingredient in all types of dough. Unfortunately, flour quality varies. A lot.

Although technology may have given us tools to control and adjust many of the parameters that determine flour specs, the plants from which it’s sourced are grown in different soils and in widely varying conditions. No two crops are ever identical.

Consistency crucial

In industrial bread and cake manufacture, the dough usually has to pass through lots of different steps. If you want efficient handling and to prevent blockages and production glitches, the dough must have the right viscosity – every time.

In addition, the dough’s elasticity and flexibility have to be exactly right to pave the way to easy, effective mixing and kneading.

Controlled consistency

KMC ingredients can help your company get dough viscosity, elasticity and flexibility specs exactly right, every single time. Full control, complete consistency.

KMC dough improvement ingredients also have the big upside that they’re GMO-free, and are also available in a clean label variant with no E-numbers.