Extruded snacks

Snack products are constantly undergoing changes in both shape and flavor to meet changing consumer tastes and preferences. You use an extrusion process to make such snacks, one of two ways - either direct or indirect extrusion. Regardless of the production method, the choice and quality of ingredients makes a difference in both production process and final snack product

Controlled viscosity
Apply a cold water swelling starch to your dough to increase the dough viscosity and obtain an easier and better running production. KMC’s ColdSwell series is produced using a unique spray cooking technique that keeps the potato starch granules intact resulting in a very high water binding performance. This means that the recommended dosage of ColdSwell is lower compared to other pre-gelatinised drum dried starches.

Expansion control
The degree of desired expansion in a snack product can be adjusted and controlled through the recipe. KMC offer different ingredients, including starches, granules and flakes to ensure the perfect degree of expansion your snack product.

Ingredients for extruded snacks

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Potato Granules

Potato Flakes

Superior Potato Starch


1000 and 2000 series


Protafy 130

Coated snacks

Snack products, e.g. nuts, can be coated for a crunchy and tasty experience. We offer multiple solutions to help you achieve a stable and agreeable coating.

Improved dough adhesion
By coating the nuts with a starch layer before they are plunged in a spicy dough and fried, the dough will be able to cling better to the snack product. KMC proposes to add a solution of the cold-soluble GlazeMaker 25 as a kind of inner layer.

Controlled dough viscosity
Before frying, the snack product is coated in a tasty, viscous dough. Adding a ColdSwell solution secures a uniform viscosity of the dough that will make the dough easy to handle and improves its ability to cling to the snack product.

Optimal expansion for a crispy experience
During frying, the dough must expand and create the right crispiness of the spicy layer surrounding the nut. KMC Superior Potato Starch is the perfect choice for application. Exposed to the high temperatures during frying, water will evaporate from the starch granules and they will form a porous and brittle network, which the consumer will experience as crispiness.


Ingredients for coated snacks

Superior Potato Starch


1000 series


GlazeMaker 25

Baked and fried snacks

Snacks may be baked or fried, they may be made from dried pellets or processed directly in-line. Made from a combination of potato granules, potato flakes, potato starch, and salt.

Controlled dough viscosity
Adjusting and controlling dough viscosity may increase the throughput on the machinery and thus increase the capacity of your equipment.

What most consumers like about snacks, is the crispy bite. The crispiness is achieved in the baking or frying step, but it also depends on the ingredients in your recipe.

A clean choice
Natural, clean labels and free from are powerful trends. KMC offers a number of clean label ingredients that are also non-GMO and non-allergenic. 

Ingredients for baked and fried snacks


Potato Granules

Potato flakes

Superior Potato Starch


1000 & 2000 series


Protafy 130

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