Potato-based products and snacks

Baked &fried snacks

Snacks come in various forms and shapes and even more flavours. Snacks may be baked or fried, they may be made from dried pellets or processed directly in-line. They are made from a combination of potato granules, potato flakes, potato starch and salt.

For easy and convenient sourcing, KMC offers you a full portfolio of all your potato-based ingredients. We guide you to the best ingredient solutions for your product whether searching for increased or reduced expansion or high or low crispiness.

Controlled dough viscosity

The dough consistency is an important parameter when producing snack pellets or directly in-line. Adjusting and controlling dough viscosity may increase the throughput on the machinery and thus increase the capacity of your existing equipment.

Apply a cold water swelling starch to your dough to increase the dough viscosity and obtain an easier and better running production. KMC’s ColdSwell series is produced using a unique spray cooking technique that keeps the potato starch granules intact resulting in a very high water binding performance. This means that the recommended dosage of ColdSwell is 10-15% lower compared to other pre-gelatinised drum dried starches.

Addition of ColdSwell will also influence the elasticity and expansion of the finished snack.

Learn about cold-swelling starches here


During frying or baking, the snack pellet or the wet dough will expand. The degree of expansion is very important for the appearance and texture of the snack product. In some baked or fried snacks, a high expansion is desirable whereas in others, a low expansion is preferred.

Adjust the degree of expansion by altering the relative amount of potato flakes, potato granules and potato starch in the recipe.


What most consumers like about snacks, is the crispy bite. Crispiness is achieved in the baking or frying step, but it also depends on the ingredients in your recipe and thus can be adjusted by substituting potato granules with potato starch.

A clean choice

Natural, clean label and free from are powerful trends – also within snacks. KMC offers a number of clean label ingredients that are also non-GMO and non-allergenic that can help manufacturers meet the requested product claims.

High standards – high quality

Our product portfolio is based on high quality potatoes grown exclusively for KMC by Danish farmers and processed in our state-of-the art factories. We select the potato varieties best suited for our specific ingredients – whether for flakes and granules or for starch.

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